NedFox ViridiCode Table of contents
NedFox has held a patent for a form of barcoding for plants for several years now. This unique invention is known as the 'ViridiCode'.

The ViridiCode solves a long-standing problem for garden centers by providing insights into the sales of plants, also known as live goods. It is a 'two-dimensional' barcode that captures more data than just the item number. For instance, the ViridiCode includes a link to the batch from which a particular plant was purchased. This provides insight into the purchase price of the plant, enabling a better determination of margins. Additionally, measures have been taken to prevent the duplication of the same plant, which could lead to significant pollution of the item database.

The foundation of the ViridiCode lies in the VBN codes provided by the Floricode foundation. They ensure standardization in plant identification, a system widely utilized by auctions in their buying and selling processes.

As the ViridiCode uses a two-dimensional barcode, it is essential to use 2D barcode scanners at the checkout. While slightly more expensive than traditional 1D scanners, the increasing prevalence of 2D barcodes, including the upcoming GS1 Digital Link QR barcodes, justifies their adoption. Furthermore, digital media such as vouchers on phones increasingly utilize 2D barcodes.

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