Allocated stock Table of contents
With the allocated stock functionality, it becomes possible to create a reservation on your stock.

Examples of allocated stock include showroom inventory and B-stock, items that are still saleable but have been opened before. As a store, you have these types of items in your possession and can deliver them under special conditions. Showroom inventory is often intended to be sold at the end of the season, while B-stock is often sold at a discounted price.

The free stock in RetailVista represents your actual saleable inventory. This is the normal stock from which reserved customer orders (reservations) are deducted. The allocated stock is also deducted from the stock, thus further reducing your free stock. For retailers with a webshop integration: we always link the free stock to webshops. So, by using allocated stock, these types of items will not be included in the inventory displayed on your webshop.

In the spring 2025 update of RetailVista, it will be possible to print special labels for allocated stock items, in the form of QR codes. By scanning that barcode, not only will the stock be reduced, but also the allocated stock. An ideal solution for putting showroom items on sale and for selling B-stock at discounted prices.

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