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Long expected support website launch

Starting today, our new support website is live. This website has been completely redesigned and features an entirely new layout. Numerous improvements have been implemented compared to the old website, including:

  • Automatic login from RetailVista (*1)
  • Simplified process for creating support tickets
  • Ability to respond to support tickets
  • Closure of support tickets now possible on the website
  • Better chronological overview of all follow-up actions on a support ticket
  • Ability to search through QA's (Question & Answers, our knowledge base)
  • Ability to establish user profiles

An important focus of this new website is to enhance interaction with our RetailVista application users. This will be particularly achievable starting from the Spring 2022 update. From that point forward, every RetailVista user will automatically have access to the support website. Each user can then create tickets. Importantly, messages will appear in RetailVista when we, for example, respond to a support ticket. Users without their own email can still effectively communicate with us.

For effective communication with you as users, the user profile is crucial. Upon logging in for the first time, a prompt will appear to update your profile. We are keen to understand the areas in which you are actively using RetailVista. With the information from the user profile, we will tailor specific news updates to users who can benefit from them. If in the future we notice a need for information in a previously unaddressed area, we will expand the user profile and prompt you to update your profile again upon logging in. And of course, you will be able to respond to the information we provide; these capabilities will also be released with the Spring 2022 update of RetailVista.

*1 - This feature will be available from the Spring 2022 update of RetailVista ERP

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