Downloads RetailVista POS

Installation RetailVista POS (2018)

Installation RetailVista POS - Certified (2018) - This is the NMI certified POS version 18.6.6750.31179. Install this version only if you truly need a certified version, such as for scale integrations. Otherwise, install the standard version of RetailVista POS.

Installation RetailVista POS (2021) - This setup is from 2021 and can be used as an alternative to the 2018 installation. The RetailVista POS version resulting from this installation is obviously newer than the 2018 setup.

For some POS updates, you may be asked to start RetailVistaPosFixIt first. This tool will check if the PC where the RetailVista POS update is installed meets all necessary requirements. Where possible, the necessary adjustments will be made directly, or notifications will indicate what needs to be done to perform the POS update. Generally, this tool should be started as 'Administrator'.

LiveUpdateFix.exe can automatically resolve common issues around the non-functioning of the POS LiveUpdate functionality.

In some situations, it may be necessary to install SQL Server Express separately. The link below contains SQL Express 2017 for 64 bit. Of course, an Express version can also be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

tls.reg (64 bit)
tls32.reg (32 bit)
In consultation with NedFox support desk, a TLS fix can be applied for SSL certificates and HTTPS connections. Confirmation will be requested several times, which should be answered with YES or OK. This TLS fix adjusts some registry settings and may be considered dangerous by Windows.

With the RetailVista touchscreen designer, the screen display of RetailVista POS can be customized.